Fernando Peniche Vargas
Comic Artist

About Me

Fernando Peniche, 32 years old. penciler, inker, colorist.
have worked for more than 8 years in the comic industry.
I been published with companies like Ape Entertaiment (Megamind,Kung-fu Panda, Croods, Temple Run), Moonstone Books (The Phantom), IDW(Joe Palooka) among others.
What my publishers say about my work:
Is one of those artists that makes you want to find work for him. At the end of the day, choosing the right artist isn't just about what the final product looks like, but how you got there. Fernando's dynamic style, dramatic imagination and hard-working demeanor make him one of the best artists you could hope to work with.
Mike Bullock

“His ability to shift between numerous artistic styles is as impressive as
the quality of his line art.”
James Eatock
Cereal Geek Magazine Publisher

“He’s a terrific story-teller who is great for the action sequences and even better for the emotional scenes”.
Tom DeFalco
Comic Writer

“We would put fernando in the very top of our artists, as far as dedication, professionalism, and talent go.
He does all that is asked and more…and he does it with style and class”.
Joe Gentile
Moonstone books Publisher
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